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I remember going through a period in my life where my sense of purpose and identity was lost and if felt as though it was a major disconnect between myself and my life.  I wrote this little guide after spending time reflecting on my own life and trying to rediscover my why - the reason for my existence and what I am supposed to accomplish while I am here.  I find myself using this guide, (even though I wrote it), to help me stay grounded. I know this will help you find your purpose so please contact me for your copy today!

Journal Articles

1. The impact of moral injury & disclosure of military experiences of veterans

2. The Crisis of Loss and Moral Injury – Lasting Effects of COVID-19 on Teenagers and Healthcare Workers

3. Examining the effect of combat excitement & diminished civilian solidarity on life satisfaction for American veterans

4. Disruption of Moral Reasoning and Moral Judgment: Moral Injury and Healing Through Forgiveness

5. Autoethnographic Family Case Study: Combat Veteran PTSD and its Effects on Familial Dynamics, Parenting, and Marriage

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