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My journey began at the University of West Georgia, where I earned my degrees in Psychology.  I taught several courses for undergraduate students ranging from Introduction to Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Human Growth and Development to graduate student, with courses such as Phenomenology of Social Existence.  I was honored to receive the Healy PostDoc Teaching Fellowship at the College of The Holy Cross in Worcester Massachusetts, where I taught and conducted a research project to investigate the reintegration process veterans endure, post military service. 


My research which started with my dissertation, "The Experiential Effects of Combat Zone Deployment on Veterans During the Reintegration Process",  brought me to my current work in Moral Injury, addressing the injury of the soul and beginning the conversation of healing for the Suffering Soul.  This seems to be a spiritual and relational issue that can be addressed directly by broaching the topic of Mattering. These conversations have given me the opportunities to share my work here in the US and globally by invitation as keynote speakers, workshops, conference presentations and public talks.  


My work has continued with universities both locally and internationally as well as with religious institutions where the theories I study and research have a direct impact on the therapeutic environment.  One of the multimodal systems I use for trauma and healing is Therapeutic Enactment.  Therapeutic Enactment uses various forms of psychotherapy to help clients work through deep emotional and psychological issues and includes role-playing, improvisation and other dramatic techniques, to recreate situations from the client's past or present, in a safe and supportive environment.


Finally, I have discovered the power of journaling and taking time to express on paper, thoughts, ideas, concepts and feelings that we experience everyday. This process is liberating and can be a source of healing the soul.

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